Elwood Haynes

(1857-1925) Elwood Haynes
Inventor, Scientist, Industrialist, Educator, Philanthropist Elwood Haynes (1857-1925) was born in Portland, Indiana. From early on, he showed a scientific nature that became evident at the age of 15 when he invented an apparatus for making oxygen gas. In 1886 Portland drilled the first successful gas well in Indiana. Elwood Haynes was heavily involved in that project and became a widely accepted authority on the subject of drilling, planning and measuring these new wells.

Elwood was considered a very quiet, good natured, and religious man in his personal life. When experimenting with gas and metals however, it's not always quiet or safe. The "Gas Boom" was a dangerous time and many of Mr. Haynes' early inventions were geared towards making natural gas safe to use. Kokomo and local businesses continue to follow Mr. Haynes' lead on making our area as safe as possible to work, play and worship for residents and visitors alike.

"A man's work in life is not very great at best, when compared with the sum total of human effort, and after all, it is the good that we may be able to do for our fellow-men and not the glory of achievement that really counts." -- Elwood Haynes, Dec. 11, 1918"

To many people Elwood Haynes has been referred to as:
  • "The Father of the Natural Gas Industry in Indiana"
  • "The Father of the 1st Commercially Successful, Gasoline Powered Automobile in the United States"
  • "The Father of Stainless Steel"

For more information about Elwood Haynes' life and his accomplishments visit the Elwood Haynes Museum located at 1915 S. Webster St. in Kokomo, Indiana. 

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